Tails for magical unicorns & dangerous lions...

Pattern by Karla Bendixen // iinstagarn

Materials: clip, scrap yarn, crochet hook (4,0 mm or whatever you have)

Start with one thick or two thin strands of yarn – light brown (lion) or pink/white (unicorn). Make a magic ring. Make six single crochets in the magic ring. Continue with a single crochet in each stitch until the tail is 28 cm long (lion) or 7 cm long (unicorn). Finish off with a long end. Use the end to sew the tail flat onto the clip.

Cut out pieces of yarn approx. 16 cm (lion) or 60 cm (unicorn) length. Several different types & thicknesses look great. For a lion's tail, only a little yarn is needed for the small tassel at the bottom. For the unicorn tail, you'll need a lot. Put the threads together two by two & fold them in the middle. Use your crochet hook to pass the loop of yarn treads through a stitch on the tail, pull the ends through the loop – tighten (see pictures below). Continue until the end (lion) or the entire tail (unicorn) is covered with "hair". Trim the threads if needed. 

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